Does your school, class, team, athletic program or organization have a fundraising need? Maine Lobster Outlet would love to help. We offer a lobster fundraising option that’s easy to execute and can make a big difference in your fundraising efforts!

Step One.

Begin a campaign with your school or group to pre-sell live lobsters. We’ll provide the order sheet and you get the orders and collect the funds. Determining the markup is up to you.

Step Two.

We’ll deliver the pre-ordered live lobsters on a specific date, and supply everything you need for distribution. Each order comes with a bib and placement with lobster-eating instructions.

Step Three.

All proceeds raised through your lobster pre-sale go directly into your fundraising campaign! It’s a win-win—you meet or exceed your fundraising goals, and your supports enjoy a delicious lobster feast.

A Different Kind of Fundraiser

Contact us today to begin meeting your fundraising goals in a truly unique—and tasty—way.