Delivering only the freshest lobster every time begins the moment we bring the lobsters ashore. From our wharfs to our shipping practices, we’re built for freshness and equipped at each step to bring you only the best.

Our Supply of Fresh Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster Outlet works with lobstermen ranging from New Hampshire, all throughout Maine, and up to Nova Scotia, ensuring a constant supply of the best quality live lobster year-round, right from the wharfs. Our close relationships with harvesters means that we can provide the freshest selection of lobster, at any size, at any time.

Our Tanks

Our modern HACCP-certified facility can accommodate nearly 140,000 pounds of live lobster at a time. Lobsters are kept healthy and vigorous in our holding tanks while they await packing and shipping. Our location, on Route 1 in York, Maine, sits off the water, meaning that we can maintain tight control over our water quality and ensure that our lobsters live in the healthiest habitat possible.

Our Spray Room

A unique feature, the spray room increases our holding capacity and enables more efficient packing. Lobster are stacked in plastic totes and submerged in cascading seawater pumped from above. When it is time to pack, the water is rapidly drained and recycled for later use.

Lobster Shipping Process

Each lobster that leaves our building is inspected by hand and packed with care to ensure that they arrive at their destination fresh and ready to cook. Our crew is available to pack around-the-clock to accommodate flights leaving from airports in Boston or New York City.